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Romancing the REALTORS

How Do YOU Romance the Realtors®?

beaten upWith three buyer tours last week and an average showing list of 5 homes each, I made certain to phone to early to schedule appointments in order to avoid any potential issues with late return calls from listing agents or Sellers who wanted to reschedule, etc.  Once again, I've been beaten upby slack Realtors®!

Here in Charlotte, our MLS provides a scheduling system to all active members through Centralized Showing Service.  Say what you may but, a showing service beats the heck out of trying to round up the listing agents to schedule appointments.  I have used them for a very long time and for the most part, had good results.  I stay on top of my showings for my buyers and others' showings for my listings anyway so, to have them making the phone calls and getting the schedules made, makes my life alot easier.


I would like to share with any listing agent that will listen (or READ) just HOW TO ROMANCE THE REALTORS®.  It's REALLY very simple...

call me!

1.  First and foremost, RETURN those phone calls!  There is absolutely NO reason that you should sign a listing agreement with a client if you do not intend to represent them properly--and answering your phone is part of that responsibility.  Right now, there is absolutely NO reason for you NOT to return your phone calls!  Hey, I'm TRYING to sell YOUR client's home for you, the very LEAST you could do is return my call!


email 2.  Answer your emails--Shoot, just CHECK your email and call me back if you don't like to type!  For me, it is much quicker to type an email than to get caught up in small talk if I'm in a hurry.


supra box 3.  For Pete's sake, BUY a Supra lockbox!  You CAN afford these--they're $75 - $99 at your local MLS Board OR you can join a reputable firm who supplies them FOR YOU--FREE!  There is nothing worse than standing in the rain in a skirt, turning a rusty combo wheel and having my phone get soaked while I try to phone you in your warm, dry home or office (or OTHER full-time job) to find out if there is a hidden key somewhere on the premises to get into YOUR listing.  Believe me, by the time my clients have stood out in the rain for 5 minutes or longer, they don't even WANT to see your listing, muchless BUY it!

thermal fax4.  This IS 2008:  WE DON'T USE THERMAL FAX MACHINES ANY MORE!  If you can't afford a decent printer, copier, fax, scanner, you may want to see a financial planner because you're in worse shape than you thought you were!  If YOU can't buy one, doesn't your broker have one in the office?  This is a WHOLE other post but, it amazes me that these referral companies insist on faxing and phoning--when you're out and about working, don't they know that it would be SO much quicker and easier AND save a few TREES along the way if they'd invest in a scanner and learn how to use email?!


judgement5.  Disclose, disclose, disclose!  If you are aware of defects, it is your ethical duty to report that information--that includes RADON.  I realize that this is a 'correctible' problem but, let us know that we have that issue to deal with PRIOR to the inspection.  There are alot of issues that need to be covered with positive radon testing that takes TIME and if you want your listing to Close ON TIME or even AT ALL, disclose this information!   And, just so you know, you CAN lose your license for not doing so.

When I am marketing my listings, I make certain that even if I'm out of town (which is far too rare!), someone, if not ME, is returning my phone calls!  My email is checked.  My scanner is in working order.  And, disclosures are in the home for ALL potential buyers to see!  This is of utmost importance if I want the transaction to be completed on time and I really DO want to keep my license. 


lunches, offering gift cards, turkeys at Thanksgiving, candy at Valentine's Day or flag pins on the Fourth of July--all of this is part of 'Romancing the Realtors®.'  I think this is imperative to let those who show you listings KNOW that they are very important to me.  


Let me add, you don't have to do any of the extras here, just give me the basics and you'll be romancing ME!  The number one thing is to return those calls--after all, aren't we BOTH trying to sell your listing?!

What do YOU do to 'Romance' YOUR REALTORS®?    

Debe in Charlotte

Disclaimer:  All information provided by this author is strictly an opinion, is not guaranteed, may be based on information collected from several sources, which may or may not be deemed reliable at the time of researching this article and may be time sensitive.

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Romancing the REALTORS
How Do YOU Romance the Realtors®? With three buyer tours last week and an average showing list of 5 homes each, I made certain to phone to early to schedule appointments in order to avoid any potential issues with late return calls from… more