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Who Knew the World Could Change So Much in A Decade?

Who Knew the World Could Change So Much in A Decade?

I've absolutely loved reading the entries in the 'Decade contest' that Jeff Dowler, CRS so graciously hosted this month (THANK YOU, JEFF)! What is astonishing to me is that most entries were so very unique and personal - many shared things we knew already, others had some very interesting 'factoids' within!


A Decade of Change



As Ray and I discussed our past decade, we came up with some crazy developments we never expected...

We built two homes during the course of the past decade. We spent a lot of time in the hospital during a good part of this decade and at the end of the 10-year period, we find ourselves in a hospital, far away from home, with what we hope is finally the cure for Ray's hips & pelvis (osteomyelitis) - FINALLY!


The World is Changing - travel


We have traveled to the Caribbean several times, to France, Italy, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Costa Rica and several US city tours (LA, Vegas, NOLA and others).


We had one son who married the girl of his dreams and we are crazy about her as well! That same son moved to Orlando for two years and while he was there, our youngest son landed a fabulous job in Charlotte and we were convinced the oldest and his new wife would return to Charlotte soon...and they did! Then, our youngest moved to Chicago for a job, almost exactly a year ago this week when my oldest moved back to Charlotte! Oh and they bought their first home when they moved back to Charlotte too...and we've helped them renovate their adorable full-brick ranch home near Uptown. 





Comparing our lives to 2009, we really didn't know how 'tough' our lives were then - and we're so glad we didn't know! We had two boys in college and I had to tweak my business considerably - from luxury sales to training/certifications/learning to manage short sales - just to keep our boys in college, and of course, food on the table and a roof over our heads! I also had a couple of assistants that I was bound and determined to keep employed during The Great Recession as well - and I did. 

The World is Changing - business


Talking about all of the changes, it just dawned on me that I'm so thankful I didn't realize how tough things were during the recession. I kept my nose to the grindstone and absolutely was NOT going to go back to my pre-real estate 'job' as a nurse. After getting my real estate license, I decided that since I had worked 4 tireless years to become a nurse, I was not about to give up my license. So smack dab during the middle of the recession, I made the decision that I was NOT going to use my nursing degree as a 'crutch' - my commitment to short sales & real estate was 100% and I gave up my nursing license. That was quite difficult to do but, it was a mental thing - making the commitment would not allow me to ever consider giving up the business.


From short sales to a turn-around in the market, the massive amount of inventory left from the buyers market, finally being absorbed and ultimately becoming a neutral now, a strong sellers market and all within a 10-year period of time! Who on earth would have thought all of this possible? We surely didn't! 


Now my business is run so differently than it used to be. This past decade taught me not to pigeon-hole myself within a single niche or area. As much as I love niches and feel that in general, it's a smart business practice, a single focus is no longer for me. I am committed to being flexible and with the business that I picked up during the recession, on top of my original sphere, I have plenty of 'variety' in my repeat & referral business - from millennials to 'downsizers,' from north Charlotte Metro to small-towns on the South Carolina border to lakes in NC & SC and of course, my in-town Charlotte business. I love, love, love ❤️ the variety and it keeps doors open for me that I didn't have open when The Great Recession caught me off-guard! 


Lastly, I sold my ownership in a new, boutique brokerage about 3 years ago and have found my new brokerage to be so wonderfully supportive and just what I needed to focus on expanding my personal business...and I've done just that.  






The world is changing - Charlotte NC

  • There are so many changes - Ray and I are like many and no longer have a home phone.
  • We no longer have a fax machine either! 
  • My husband actually went from a flip phone to a smart phone during this past decade - a BIG change that I had begged for years for him to do.
  • Texting now leads communication preference with most, over phone calls and emails.
  • Electronic signatures are preferred more often (by far) than ink-signatures.
  • We are seeing FAR more 'mail-away' Closings in real estate.
  • Wiring funds is no longer the 'safe' way to get money from one account to another - perhaps VENMO?
  • More electric cars fill our streets and we are even accommodating electric car owners with charging 'stations' across the city.
  • Charlotte now provides scooter rentals in our Uptown and the surrounding historic areas. 
  • Drones seem to be all the rage now, whereas a decade ago, few people were using drones.
  • Home security and smart cameras are in a large number of homes and many builders are even utilizing smart technology as a standard feature in all of their homes.
  • Who heard of probiotics 10 years ago? What about using grass-fed Ghee in your coffee? Kombucha?
  • Craft breweries have also become all the least here in Charlotte!
  • Lastly, retro is IN- embrace it!

Who knew a decade ago?!


Retro is in in Charlotte - embrace it!

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