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Things for Which I am Grateful - My Most Precious Gifts in Life

Things for Which I am Grateful - My Most Precious Gifts in Life


Collecting silver linings, not shiny objects. - Michael Jacobs


Reading Michael Jacobs blog this weekend, I discovered the most prophetic quote from Michael himself! I can totally relate to that quote as I have recently moved and discovered that I didn't need a lot of the 'shiny objects' I had acquired. Someone else may so, I donated quite a bit to local organizations and have to say, it was quite liberating! THANK YOU, MICHAEL for sharing this wonderful quote. 


Collecting silver linings, not shiny objects


Everyone knows I'm a huge family person so, I'm all about creating memories and finding silver linings in everything. That's me; that's what I do! So, Jeff Dowler, CRS's challenge this month was right up my alley. Here is my 'general' gratutities to which I could add SO many more, including the posts I have already written for this challenge (clients & ActiveRain)!  




Ray - my better half!No matter what I do in life - cooking, gardening, business...anything - Ray is my biggest cheerleader. What I ever did to deserve such love and support, I could not (and still can't), for the life of me, understand. Every single day, I wake up counting my blessings and he is right at the top of my list - every single day. I am ever so content with my life and daily, I am grateful for the most amazing relationship I could ever have dreamed of!


I've always heard that happiness is being married to your best friend but, I never really understood the deeper meaning of that until it happened to me. I woke up one day, realizing that my life was synonymous with that old sentiment and I had found my soul mate! 


There is SO much more to our story - one day, perhaps I'll write a book! For now, I am ever-so thankful to be married to my soul mate.






Matt Ryan and meThose who know me, know my family is the center of my life - second only to my faith! My boys are 18 months apart, now 31 & 32 and both have been the apples of my eye since the day they were each born! 


Matthew is the oldest and he embodies everything an older child typically does - he's very independent and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He's also incredibly confident as a young adult but, has not always been that way. It took a 'wild & crazy' over-the-top extroverted college roommate to get him out of his painful introversion!


Now, I swear, that child could talk to a wall! Our close friends and family often comment on the astonishing change in Matt since college. He has grown into a most wonderful young man and I am happy to say that he is residing back here in Charlotte after a brief, 2-year transfer to Orlando. 


Ryan, the baby, was the rough-and-tumble one - very outgoing, life-of-the-party total extrovert, the polar opposite of his big brother.  While Matt's interests were books and Legos, Ryan's passion was basketball - he even slept with his basketball for years! Ryan never met a stranger and I don't recall a single weekend night that at least one of his friends wasn't spending the night at our house! Like Matt, Ryan has grown into such a wonderful young man as well. Now, when he's home, we MUST visit the bookstore and you will rarely see him without a book!


Ryan is in recruiting and is quite the workaholic (no, the apple didn't fall far from the tree)! He is training for a new corporate sector (medical device sales) and returned to Charlotte this month for that training. He will return to Chicago the first part of 2021 when they return to their offices. For now, it’s wonderful having him home!





The Maxwell House GroupWhat on earth would I do without these incredible people in my life? We are 4-strong (all licensed) and I could not do without any one of my team. They are family and we have a wonderfully cohesive team.  When I leave town for conferences or on vacation, I know that the team has my back, without fail.  Most importantly, my team affords me the ability to work face-to-face with clients and do what I do best. 


I love that they free me up to interact with my clients. They were all  clients of mine before getting into the business. So, they completely appreciate and understand my passion for top level customer service. Because of that, they make customer service their top priority as well and it is at the core of every single thing they do. 


This wonderful group makes my life complete and as I've mentioned before, they also move mountains for me!




Beautiful HollyWe are huge proponents of pet adoption and this past year, we surprised ourselves by adopting 3 in one year! We have two adorable 14 year old dogs, Barney & Duke and sadly, lost our precious cat, Charlotte, last year. So, we adopted an older cat from a client who said she was allergic. Emma (she is 7) joined our family last November.


We really wanted to adopt a kitten too so, we continued the search for a sweet little kitten for Emma to play with. We finally had a home visit and the 'foster mom' brought us two adorable kittens - one boy & one girl. We were going to ‘pick’ one but, that was impossible. We even slept on it and the next day, Ray and I both said we couldn’t split the siblings up. So, we adopted two precious kittens, Jack & Gracie! 


There is never a dull moment in our home and the adoptions couldn’t have come at a better time. We are home more this year and I really believe it has helped them tremendously to adapt to their new home and family. They all get along beautifully, thankfully! 


In case you’re wondering, we are through adopting for a bit - 5 is enough…for now!




Beautiful SunsetsAs a child, my mother, a strict disciplinarian, would command me to 'STAND UP STRAIGHT' while my father always made every measure of discipline one of life's lessons. Instead of 'stand up straight,' my father would say, "If you look at the ground [when walking] all you'll find are cracks and bugs. But, if you look to the sky, you'll find whatever your heart desires.


Oh, the wonderful lessons he taught me - all positive, all still fitting in life.


I remember his love for the water and the sky - and if we found a rainbow, sunrise or sunset over the water, that was always a WOW moment! Even today, for me, it still is. I feel the power from beyond even more during those times - more than anything else that I experience day-to-day. I am blessed to now be able to watch God’s wonder as the sun sets in my backyard every day!


For each of these, I am truly grateful and can't show my appreciation enough.


Thank you, Jeff, for an amazing challenge. I'm a little sad the month has come to an end as these have been some of the best posts I've ever read on ActiveRain. You really raised the bar - and AR members accepted the challenge!


Grateful for SO much in this life...


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