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Marketing Genius or Predatory Behavior?

Marketing Genius or Predatory Behavior?

Home TicketI received a call from a homeowner in one of the neighborhoods that I do a lot of business in. The kind lady and her husband were being transferred out of state and they wanted to see if I could come meet with them that week to discuss getting their home ready to sell. I had been referred to them by someone in their neighborhood.


Of course, I pulled fresh data and met with them to review their steps to prepare and our steps together, to get their home marketed and sold so they could begin the next chapter in their destination city & state. I referred them to an AR member who is also a CRS in the destination city and we began discussions about fees, etc. I answered all of their questions and felt confident, I was going to be their agent. 

Level of being surprised
Before the ink was dried on the listing agreement that I had returned to the office to tweak specifically for them, I received a call, asking if I would cut my commission. Let me just say that the amount of commission they wanted me to agree to, was not going to be worth my time to list, pay a professional measuring crew, photographer, videographer, my full-time marketing guy who would plaster their home EVERYWHERE...


You know, the list goes on and on...



When I was given the opportunity to 'think about it,' I promptly rejected the offer, "I'm so very sorry but, my commission is exactly what we discussed earlier. I do not discount my services. You see, your home is NOT a 'discount' home and you really should think twice before you go the discount route to sell your beautiful home."


Are you discounting your home?


"Well, can you come back tomorrow evening and talk to us again?" Of course - again, I had a strong feeling that I positively was their listing agent; they just had to come to terms with that too! 


Stalking YOU!The next evening, I arrived with my listing documents in-hand, sat down and laid my pens out on the table for them to use. I asked them if I had demonstrated my value to them at our last meeting or did the feel we needed to review the marketing plan again. "Oh, no! We're signing! We don't WANT anyone to think our house is a 'discouned' home - IT'S NOT!"

Furthermore, they went on to explain that they had posted their need for a listing agent on NextDoor - the neighborhood app. Mind you, it's a NEIGHBORHOOD App with 3-5 neighborhoods in one 'group' but, if you think you're the only agent in town, listen to this...


After posting their request for a recommendation for a real estate agent, they had no fewer than 70 calls, private messages, packets delivered to their doorstep, WINE delivered to their doorstep...and it didn't stop! They were HORRIFIED and their word to describe the experience, "Creepy."

Desperately seeking listings
She went on to explain, "These agents should be ashamed of themselves! They PREY on the consumer - their behavior is nothing short of stalkish and I sensed desperation in many of their messages. I would NEVER hire one of those agents." 


WOW! Was I ever taken aback - and ever-so thankful that I hadn't been the one to reach out to THEM! Holy guacamole - what the consumer must think of us - VULTURES it seems.


The seller went on to explain that her husband traveled extensively and that she was home alone a LOT. The agents who took it upon themselves to show up on her doorstep when she would pull into her garage to 'gift' her something, were just downright 'creepy' to them. She felt that she needed to start arming her alarm on her home again; she didn't dare go out her front door because she felt there was always someone parked in front of her home, waiting to sell her on them. 



*What are your chances of getting the wine right with a stranger? Furthermore, do they even DRINK wine? 


In the end, I landed the job - sold their home in a day with multiple Offers and they very happily and quite graciously, paid me my full commission that I had originally stated to them that I charge. They had no problem doing it and even went on to explain that they will forever keep the video I provided them of their home, knowing it will bring back fond memories they created in that home. It was a wonderful transaction from beginning to end - and rest assured, I did NOT give them wine as a Closing gift! 




So, what say you? Marketing Genius or Predatory Behavior?


I feel like I got my answer straight from the horse's mouth! Of course, I'm open to discussion but, not sure our peers aren't pushing the envelope just a wee much with this style of marketing (if you even want to call it that).


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