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Are You a Contrarian? Bring it on...Politely!

Are You a Contrarian? Bring it on...politely!

Contrarian Points of View - Good for Our Industry, if Done so Appropriately

Debate - healthyWeltanschauung - A Comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world, especially from a specific standpoint.

Let's talk about ActiveRain's Weltanschauung #7:  

  • We encourage dissenting and contrarian points of view because our industry is better served by continually examining the status quo. Challenging conventional wisdom is often essential for the evolution of our industry and the development of new opportunities.




Differing opinions are, indeed, what make the world go 'round.  Examining all points of view is always the best practice; if we open our minds to others' positions on specific topics, our businesses reap the benefits of that open-mindedness - and this applies to our personal lives as well.  

Differing OpinionsIn a debate with another agent about her position on setting a list price below $500K to list at $499,900 (on a home valued at $500K), this discussion ensued.  "Have you considered that you may be eliminating a pool of buyers searching in the $500,000 - $600,000 range?"  She could not understand what on earth I meant by that - and she continued to insist that "Buyers love 'discounted' prices!"  Okay, I get your point also but, closely observe the searches that you set up for your buyers in the next few days; pay special attention to the price increments you set.

My point was that if buyers are searching in a very specific price range ($500K - $600K), you WILL miss anything priced under $500K and over $600K.  


After realizing that home searches, targeting specific price ranges really would have impacted buyers' search parameters had she listed the home at the 'discount price,'  she decided to try this new pricing strategy and the home immediately sold.  After all was said and Closing was done, the agent asked how these buyers found this house and the conversation led to their price range - intentionally, I'm sure! The buyers said that they had been looking in the $500K - $550K price range and were thrilled to find exactly what they were looking for - and at the very bottom of their range ($500K), allowing them to further improve the home with the money they saved. Another good point:  Had the property been listed at the originally suggested price, $499,900, these buyers would have completely missed this house/listing!  

And, one more point: Because this home was listed at the bottom of these buyers' price range, they did not submit a 'low-ball' Offer - they felt they were getting everything they wanted at the reasonably priced $500K.  A win-win for everyone.  


Agree to DisagreeHad we not had this 'debate,' questioning the agent's conventional status quo, her sellers may not have realized a sale quite as quickly and as profitable as the one they did.


My bets are on a very different result for all involved!  In this instance, the contrarian points of view of the agent's status quo, better served all parties. Two more points to this:


1. Had the non-traditional approach (for that agent) not been presented in a 'have-you-thought-of' manner (pleasantly and not in an argumentative manner), the agent would likely have not thought another second about trying something that was really a bit 'odd' to her.

2. Had this agent chosen to believe that her way is the only way, she and her sellers would have missed a wonderful buyer for the property, possibly received a lower Offer and selling the home could have taken longer as well. She was presented a challenge, rather than an 'argument' and she responded as a good business-minded person would - openmindedly. Seeking others' opinions is one thing but, being open-minded is another!


In Summary

BE the contrarian - just in a polite way! 

When you present your viewpoint, do it with finesse, dignity and do so politely! In this world of increasing divisiveness, especially in the political realm, walls are often built because of the presentation of one's particular point of view. Share your points politely and they will be far better received.



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